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Friday, October 15, 2004

bizzare Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly wrote this in Times of India after Laxman scored that 275 at Eden Gardens. Read on:
" I normally skip shaving on a match day. Today, when Dravid and Laxman went out to bat I was sitting bare-chested with a towel around me. I remained that way for almost the entire day so that neither of the guys in the middle got out! "
...well..well..well...what i wonder after reading this is:
where was the towel draped around??? was it above the belt or was it trying to cover up for the skipper's lack of /*under*/garments which he had given to some dhobi at Gonga nodi's ghaaT!?


Blogger Amit Mohanty said...

sahi hain baap.. :)

6:40 PM  

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