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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy and Gay

"Ring Ring Ring" - And my sojourn of solitude was interrupted. "Jitu has landed in Rhode Island", informed Som, my intellectual funda-guru from IIT Kgp. "Show him the world. You know what I mean dude". I knew eggjhactly what Som meant. But it had to be a step by step procedure or else I knew Jits, the proverbial seedha saada larka of our wing, wouldn't be able to take it. So I caught up with Jits and convinced his vegetarian brain to accompany me to disc.

Thursday night. We sniff around. All but one discs are closed. We took out the 10 dollar bills for entry fee. But to our surprise they let us in for free while charging everybody else. I was amused at the gatekeeper's generosity. It was crowded inside, but the female of the species were conspicuous by their absence. Jits said "saayad second floor per hai". So we trudged up the stairs to 2nd floor. The sight of two half naked men gyrating on the elevated platform blew my brains out. Me n Jitu marched a hasty retreat. I was enlightened as to why we were given free entry. Coz the guy at the gate thought he saw the first DGC in the club.
DGC = Desi gay couple
...about the photograph up there. It's my dear friends Jitu n Som posing for Dabur Lal Duntmanjan ad.
I wish they always may
remain happy and gay...
correction...'just happy'

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bye Bye moustache

Last week I gave up one of my proud posessions--my moustache. Somebody suggested that I look younger this way. I beg to disagree. Maybe a 'little less old'...not younger.
It so happened that last week I sauntered into Cumberland Farms looking for milk and got yakking with an old lady. All the milk containers there had 'sell by' date of just two weeks later and I was wondering if could use it up in two weeks. The lady uttered her words of wisdom,
"If you have kids, you can easily finish it in two weeks."
Kids ??!!!! Has my face got so ruptured by wrinkles? Didn't my office seniors in Bombay always refer to me as 'young man'. But that was two years back. The only possible way I could think of to take the clock back and turn the time over was to let my razor work overtime.
...and here u have...an age conscious..a 'little less old' me.......or is it....???

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The theory of two balls

I guess I am spending too much time peering at the computer doing research. Last week my eyes registered their protest by dropping some tears and making me wink and blink continuously. So I got my balls checked (I mean eyeballs) and got a new pair of glasses (which took 1 week to be made). But things worsened. The world around me started looking like a lazy masterpiece of modern art. All images were blurred. All colours hazed and I was dazed. So yours truly went to Walmart (that's where I got my glasses made from) to get another checkup of his balls (eyeballs). It turned out that the lenses in my glasses were swapped. The lady gave one hearty laugh and said, "You saved 45 dollars coz u don't need another checkup".
What the duck!!! She made my life miserable for 3 days. I felt like giving her one tight slap. But you know how gentle, sober, noble and forgiving I am! he he...so
I let her go.
back to normalcy. Yo

Friday, May 27, 2005

Remains of the day

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It doesn't get any worse.
<1>A month back I had got a $100 parking ticket in Cambridge(coz I capped the idea of it being handy to park in the handicapped zone)....had appealed against it and today was the hearing. Combo of google and mapquest enlightened me on how to reach 344 Broadway, the court of hearing. Braving the Boston traffic I somehow got there in 3 hours. But the sadistic 'aunty-jee' turned down my appeal.

<2>Came out of the building only to see another parking ticket on my car....had forgotten to put in a quarter in the meter.

<3> The hungry and froost me was looking for a parking spot(which is so rare in Boston) near a Bengali restaurant....caught sight of one but as I was going to ease myself into it ,a 'behen-jee' (also vying for the same spot) banged her SUV into my car. Fortunately no damage.
so what is this picture doing here in the post.....well this was the only good part..went to New England Aquarium after all this chaos..../*$29 parking fee for 1 hour...what the duck */....this is a sea dragon...did not know anything like this existed on this earth. There was a shark too and a this too and a that too and a.............................................

Monday, May 09, 2005

Pulitzer prize winning pic

....stumbled upon this photograph...of a girl in famine striken Sudan crawling towards UN food camp located a kilometer away and a vulture waiting for the girl to die so that it could lay it's beak on the prey. This photograph won Kevin Carter Pulitzer prize in 1994 and this great(?) photographer, instead of helping the girl, left the scene immediately after taking the pic!!! No one knows who got the food....the girl or the vulture.
On similar lines....I remember seeing a photograph of (Princess) Diana with two kids in an African country with one of the kids having to fold up his trouser so that the photographer could click his artificial leg. I HATE people who show off their charity work.
...and in the case of Kevin Carter I think instead of handing him the Pulitzer prize he should have been shooed and 'chappal'ed for doing what he did.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Sania revisited


I found that most of the hits to my blog were through google search for sania mirza linking to some crap I posted eons ago. So for all u sania fans i would suggest that http://saniamirzablog.blogspot.com is a must see. Whoever is the owner of the blog, has put in a lot of effort in collecting an amazing range of pics of the new(and the first) blue eyed girl of Indian tennis.
So for all those who have nothing else to do....happy surfing time.

Friday, April 08, 2005

hagoo(!) Yoogal

check out this site Yagoohoogle ....a combo of Yahoo and Google...puts in the search items of both on the same page(in separate columns)....and u can compare and get the best possible results.