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Monday, December 27, 2004

DPS clip and IIT Kgp's Ravi Raj

I don't understand why everyone is up in arms against Ravi Raj, the guy who tried to sell the DPS sex clip. He has been suspended by IIT Kgp and the behenji log went like "chhee chhee...aise barbaad larke bhi IIT me ghoos jaate hai"!
I ,for one, really admire the entrepreneurship skills of this guy. He was no doubt street smart and very enterprising. His only mistake was transferring money to his real account and that's how he got nabbed. Maybe he should have made a fake bank account too and then he would not have been caught.
Now where did he get this clip from?...must have got from Kazaa....if some people are so concerned about morality and crap then why don't they block Kazaa or take some action against them...because be it the copyright violation of movies or porn stuff or pirated softwares...everything is available there. I just wonder how these Kazaa people go scot free. Can anybody enlighten me on that?


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