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Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Blizzard of Oz

blizzard of Jan 05 #1
Life came to a standstill in Northeast America as the blizzard of 05 hit shores last weekend. My place was probably a bit luckier than Boston(38 inches) as it recorded 30 inches of snow. A state of emergency was declared in the state of Massachusetts as the roads were all snow laden. Schools and colleges all over downed their shutters and for four days one did not venture out of the house. The Governor of Mass asked ppl to keep off roads.
At the end of it some of the cars were completely covered with snow and the owners had to do a lot of headscratching to get which lump was whose.
...well...as you see in the pic.....your's truly did step out for a while...but just for a while.
Click here for the post-blizzard pics.


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