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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Chicken with wine...tastes pretty fine

Chicken with wine...tastes pretty fine
Hi all...
Y'day I had loads of time...so tried some innovation/combinations for cooking chicken...and it turned out pretty well. I would like to share the recipe here...
1) Marinate the chicken with turmuric, vinegar and some red wine.
2) Put it in Microwave for 3 minutes so that the wine gets through the chic.
3) Fry the chicken with onion, capsicum and ginger garlic paste.
4) Add water and the spices viz garam masala, chicken masala, cumin, salt, heeng etc
5) Add two eggs(well mixed...like u do b4 making omlette)
6) Add red wine again and then let it boil.
....and lo...u have something which tastes really out of the world !


Blogger BD said...

thanks dude..I was eagerly waiting for it.

5:58 AM  

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