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Friday, May 27, 2005

Remains of the day

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It doesn't get any worse.
<1>A month back I had got a $100 parking ticket in Cambridge(coz I capped the idea of it being handy to park in the handicapped zone)....had appealed against it and today was the hearing. Combo of google and mapquest enlightened me on how to reach 344 Broadway, the court of hearing. Braving the Boston traffic I somehow got there in 3 hours. But the sadistic 'aunty-jee' turned down my appeal.

<2>Came out of the building only to see another parking ticket on my car....had forgotten to put in a quarter in the meter.

<3> The hungry and froost me was looking for a parking spot(which is so rare in Boston) near a Bengali restaurant....caught sight of one but as I was going to ease myself into it ,a 'behen-jee' (also vying for the same spot) banged her SUV into my car. Fortunately no damage.
so what is this picture doing here in the post.....well this was the only good part..went to New England Aquarium after all this chaos..../*$29 parking fee for 1 hour...what the duck */....this is a sea dragon...did not know anything like this existed on this earth. There was a shark too and a this too and a that too and a.............................................


Blogger vikRAM said...

hilarious man, laughing and laughing...mukho da for stand up comedy!!

8:31 AM  

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