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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The theory of two balls

I guess I am spending too much time peering at the computer doing research. Last week my eyes registered their protest by dropping some tears and making me wink and blink continuously. So I got my balls checked (I mean eyeballs) and got a new pair of glasses (which took 1 week to be made). But things worsened. The world around me started looking like a lazy masterpiece of modern art. All images were blurred. All colours hazed and I was dazed. So yours truly went to Walmart (that's where I got my glasses made from) to get another checkup of his balls (eyeballs). It turned out that the lenses in my glasses were swapped. The lady gave one hearty laugh and said, "You saved 45 dollars coz u don't need another checkup".
What the duck!!! She made my life miserable for 3 days. I felt like giving her one tight slap. But you know how gentle, sober, noble and forgiving I am! he he...so
I let her go.
back to normalcy. Yo


Blogger Amit Mohanty said...

That day would never come,
That moment would never occur,
You losing the vision of this earth,

As the rest of the world sees the world in your eyes.

11:04 PM  

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