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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bye Bye moustache

Last week I gave up one of my proud posessions--my moustache. Somebody suggested that I look younger this way. I beg to disagree. Maybe a 'little less old'...not younger.
It so happened that last week I sauntered into Cumberland Farms looking for milk and got yakking with an old lady. All the milk containers there had 'sell by' date of just two weeks later and I was wondering if could use it up in two weeks. The lady uttered her words of wisdom,
"If you have kids, you can easily finish it in two weeks."
Kids ??!!!! Has my face got so ruptured by wrinkles? Didn't my office seniors in Bombay always refer to me as 'young man'. But that was two years back. The only possible way I could think of to take the clock back and turn the time over was to let my razor work overtime.
...and here u have...an age conscious..a 'little less old' me.......or is it....???


Blogger BD said...

who is "somebody" batao batao?

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Search this thing - it is hilarious how people cant even spell right when they are selling something on eBay


4:08 AM  

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