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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy and Gay

"Ring Ring Ring" - And my sojourn of solitude was interrupted. "Jitu has landed in Rhode Island", informed Som, my intellectual funda-guru from IIT Kgp. "Show him the world. You know what I mean dude". I knew eggjhactly what Som meant. But it had to be a step by step procedure or else I knew Jits, the proverbial seedha saada larka of our wing, wouldn't be able to take it. So I caught up with Jits and convinced his vegetarian brain to accompany me to disc.

Thursday night. We sniff around. All but one discs are closed. We took out the 10 dollar bills for entry fee. But to our surprise they let us in for free while charging everybody else. I was amused at the gatekeeper's generosity. It was crowded inside, but the female of the species were conspicuous by their absence. Jits said "saayad second floor per hai". So we trudged up the stairs to 2nd floor. The sight of two half naked men gyrating on the elevated platform blew my brains out. Me n Jitu marched a hasty retreat. I was enlightened as to why we were given free entry. Coz the guy at the gate thought he saw the first DGC in the club.
DGC = Desi gay couple
...about the photograph up there. It's my dear friends Jitu n Som posing for Dabur Lal Duntmanjan ad.
I wish they always may
remain happy and gay...
correction...'just happy'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:39 AM  
Blogger Jitendra K Agrawal said...

are yaar yeh blog delete kar do..
bahut ganda lag raha hai esme DCG definations etc

6:45 AM  
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Anonymous basudev said...

hahahahahahhaahahaha, that latest one was classic! maaan that was funny... how are you nevertheless? interesting adventures!

4:16 PM  
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